Support Services

RiADXIreland provide a great breadth of IT support capabilities – from re-active support through remote monitoring to a fully managed outsourced solution. We cover a wide range of technologies, employ experienced consultants and use innovative tools to provide the best possible service to our clients. We work closely with our clients to tailor the most appropriate IT support solution to their business needs.

All clients are provided with their own Service Level Agreement against which we report so that your company can monitor our performance. We aim to exceed your expectations with the level of our service and the quality of our people. We also believe in continuity and building long term relationships, so you will be looked after by the same technical team day in, day out.

Our services reduce the cost of bringing support in-house and you will always deal with an expert. Many clients who started using our support years ago, to this day trust in our ability to handle every kind of IT problem.

We have the following service options which address most clients’ needs :-

• Re-active support is provided through our Ri-Support offering
• Remote monitoring is provided through our ActiveAlert offering
• Outsourced management of technologies is provided through our ManageLine offering